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Who is ... Jenny Arthur?


Who is ... Jenny Arthur?

Learn all about Georgia's Jenny Arthur, the first American weightlifter to qualify for the Rio Olympics. 

Jenny Arthur has competed in International Weightlifting Federation-recognized tournaments since 2011. She's consistently alternated between the 69kg (152 lbs) and 75kg (165 lbs) divisions.

Arthur has appeared at four senior-level World Championships, including most recently at the 2015 tournament in Houston, Texas. At that competition, she earned one of the highest rankings of any American, taking seventh place in the 75kg category with a 244.0kg (538 lbs) total.

Arthur was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia, to a large family consisting of a mother, a father, six sisters and a brother. (She was the fifth of eight children.) Growing up, the Arthurs would always gather for Sunday morning church. They also loved to compete in a variety of sports including softball, tennis, track and field and basketball.   

Arthur began weightlifting in 2009 as a means to improve her track and softball skills.

Major competitions

Arthur has competed in a number of junior and senior-level World Championships, as well as the Pan American Championships. She took home the top prize at the Pan American Junior Championships in 2013, lifting a total 210.0kg (463 lbs) in the 75kg division; at the adult Pan American Championships in 2014, she lifted 231.0kg (509 lbs) in the same category for second place. 

Her World Championships results are as follows:

2011 Junior World Championships: 179.0kg (395 lbs) total in the 69kg division, 16th place
2013 Junior World Championships: 214.0kg (472 lbs) total in the 75kg division, 2nd place
2013 World Championships: 212.0kg (467 lbs) total in the 69kg division, 13th place
2014 World Championships: 218.0kg (481 lbs) total in the 69kg division, 14th place
2015 World Championships: 244.0kg (538 lbs) total in the 75kg division, 7th place

Olympic experience

Rio will serve as Arthur's first Olympic Games. 

"I just try to think: [it's] just me and the bar, and doing what I've worked for months and weeks leading up to the meet. I think about what I've done to get there and how I've just got to lift the weight, and know that I'm capable of it."

Jenny Arthur on thoughts while lifting

Outside of weightlifting

Arthur enjoys volunteering and working with charitable organizations: "I have a passion for just helping others, and I just always want to be there for anyone - just anyone - in general," she has said. She currently studies childhood education and aspires to work with kids. 

Social media

Twitter: @jlarthur2016

Instagram: @jenny.arthur
Facebook: @jenny.l.arthur

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