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Rugby 101: Olympic history


Rugby 101: Olympic history

Olympic rugby history will be made in Rio. 

Rugby Sevens
Rugby Sevens, with seven players per team, will make its first appearance at the Olympic Games in 2016. The International Olympic Committee announced on October 9, 2009 that rugby, along with golf, would be contested at the Olympics in 2016. They were the first two sports added to the Olympic program since taekwondo and triathlon debuted in 2000. 

Rugby Union 
Rugby Union, with 15 players per team, was featured on the men's Olympic program a total of four times, beginning in 1900.

Olympic gold medalists:

  • Paris 1924: USA
  • Antwerp 1920: USA
  • London 1908: Australia
  • Paris 1900: France

Rugby 101

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