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Rugby 101: Competition format


Rugby 101: Competition format

Learn more about the competition format of Olympic rugby.

The rugby competition will begin with two days of pool play. World Rugby, the sport's international governing body, will divide the teams into three pools of four teams each. Each team will play every other team in its pool once. Three points will be awarded for a win, two points for a draw and one point for a loss. 

After the pool stage, teams will be seeded as follows:

1: Winner of pool A
2: Winner of pool B
3: Winner of pool C
4: Runner up of pool C
5: Runner up of pool B 
6: Runner up of pool A
7-9: Three third-ranked teams
10-12: Three fourth-ranked teams

The top eight teams (seeded 1-8 after the pool stage) will advance to the quarterfinals. The four winners will advance to the medal semifinals, while the four losers will play for final Olympic ranking. 

The bottom four teams (seeded 9-12 after the pool stage) will play for final Olympic ranking. 

Rugby 101

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