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Row to Rio: How forty-one U.S. Rowing athletes endured selection process

Eight of the 11 U.S. Rowing teams that will head to Rio
Cesar Lopez; NBC Olympics

Row to Rio: How forty-one U.S. Rowing athletes endured selection process

Ten of the 11 Olympic boats qualified for Rio last year, but no athlete receives immunity from selection process. 

There are 14 rowing events at the 2016 Rio Games. To get to the Rio Games, the U.S. Rowing national governing body had the opportunity to qualify boats – not athletes – at the 2015 World Rowing Championships in Aiguebelette, France.

The United States qualified 10 Olympic-class boats: Women's single sculls (W1x), women's double sculls (W2x), lightweight men's double sculls (LM2x), lightweight women's double sculls (LW2x), men's pair (M2-), women's pair (W2-), women's quadruple sculls (W4x), men's four (M4-), lightweight men's four (LM4-) and women's eight (W8+).

In the same World Championships, the U.S. failed to qualify: Men's single sculls (M1x), men's double sculls (M2x), men's quadruple sculls (M4x) and men's eight (M8+).

The boats that failed to qualify last year were given one last opportunity to qualify for Rio at the 2016 Final Olympic Qualification Regatta, but only the M8+ prevailed.

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How did U.S. Rowing athletes row their way to Rio? 

Following the athlete selection procedures, the U.S. Olympic rowing team were determined after successful completion of the following selection events and trials: 

2016 National Selection Regatta I (NSR I)
March 21-25, 2016
Olympic Training Center
Chula Vista, Calif. 

The World Rowing Federation, FISA (from the French, Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron) is the governing body of the sport of rowing. Winners of their respective event advanced to the FISA World Rowing Cup II.

Qualified events:
Men's pair (M2-)
Women's pair (W2-)

Rob Munn and Michael DiSanto: M2- event.

Grace Luczak and Felice Mueller: W2- event.

Full rowing results: National Selection Regatta I  

Olympic Rowing Trials I
April 17-24, 2016
Nathan Benderson Park
Sarasota, Fla.

Winners of their respective qualified event earned an Olympic selection and will represent Team USA at the 2016 Rio Games. 

Qualified events:
Women's single sculls (W1x)
Women's double sculls (W2x)
Women's lightweight double sculls (LW2x)
Men's lightweight double sculls (LM2x)

Gevvie Stone: W1x event.

Ellen Tomek and Meghan O'Leary: W2x event.

Kate Bertko and Devery Karz: LW2x event.

Andrew Campbell Jr and Joshua Konieczny: LM2x event.

Winners of their respective non-qualified event will advance to represent U.S. Rowing at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in hopes to earn an Olympic quota for the United States. 

Non-Qualified Olympic events (small boats):
Men's single sculls (M1x)
Men's double sculls (M2x)
Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)

Full rowing results: Olympic Trials I


Ken Jurkowski: M1x event.

Stephen Whelpley and Willy Cowles: M2x event.

Peter GravesJohn GravesBen Dann and Ben Davison: M4x event.

Non-Qualified M8+ Camp 
March 28 - May 6, 2016

This camp ran from March 28 and ultimately determined the eight rowers plus the coxswain of the M8+ boat. The nine selected will race for a U.S. quota spot at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta.

After the conclusion of the M8+ selection camp on May 6, U.S. rowing named their M8+ team:

Coxswain Sam OjserkisAustin HackRob MunnMike DiSantoSteve KasprzykGlenn OchalAlex KarwoskiHans Struzyna, and Sam Dommer

FISA Final Olympic Qualification Regatta
May 22-25, 2016
Lucerne, Switzerland

In order to qualify the U.S. for one more quota spot in the M1x event in Rio, Jurkowski must secure a top three finish. The M2x, M4x and M8+ must secure a top two finish.

Non-qualified events:
Men's single sculls (M1x)
Men's double sculls (M2x)
Men's quadruple sculls (M4x)
Men's eight (M8+)


Coxswain Sam OjserkisAustin HackRob MunnMike DiSantoSteve KasprzykGlenn OchalAlex KarwoskiHans Struzyna, and Sam Dommer: M8+ event.

The M8+ kept their Olympic-attendance streak alive by qualifying for Rio – if they did not qualify it would have been the first time in 104 years. 

The M1x, M2x and M4x did not qualify for Olympic selection. 

These three boat classes are the only classes out of the 14 eligible boats that did not qualify for Rio. The U.S. rowing team will therefore send 11 of 14 boats to Rio.

Full rowing results: Final Olympic Qualification Regatta

FISA World Rowing Cup II (Classes based upon NSR I)
May 27-29, 2016
Lucerne, Switzerland

Rob MunnMichael DiSanto (M2-) declined invitation to compete at the World Cup II. The M2- team will now be selected from results of the Olympic Trials II (June 19-22). 

Grace Luczak and Felice Mueller (W2-) must finish in the top three to earn an Olympic selection and represent Team USA in Rio.

Qualified events:
Women's pair (W2-)
Men's pair (M2-): declined to compete.


Luczak and Mueller won gold at the World Cup II and accepted their Rio Olympic nomination. They both had the option to decline their Olympic bid in the W2- in attempts to continue their camp to make the W8+ team.

Full rowing results: World Rowing Cup II

Big Boat Selection Camps
March 28 - June 20, 2016

Qualified events:
Women's eight (W8+)
Women's quadruple sculls (W4x)
Men's four (M4-)
Men's lightweight four (LM4-)

The W8+, W4x, M4- and LM4- qualified for an Olympic quota at the 2015 World Championships, selection camps for these events are ongoing.

All athletes still in contention for an Olympic selection were named on June 20.


Adrienne MartelliGrace LatzTracy Eisser and Megan Kalmoe: W4x event.

Coxswain Katelin SnyderEleanor LoganAmanda ElmoreTessa GobboMeghan MusnickiEmily ReganLauren SchmetterlingAmanda Polk and Kerry Simmonds: W8+ event.

Robin PrendesTyler NaseEdward Kingand Anthony Fahden: LM4- event.

Seth WeilHenrik RummelCharlie Cole and Matt Miller: M4- event.

Olympic Rowing Trials II
June 19- 22, 2016
Mercer Lake, West Windsor, N.J.

Qualified events:
Men's pair (M2-)


Nareg Guregian and Anders Weiss: M2- event.

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